Measuring Guide- Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog:

**Please note the standard fit for a Barong Tagalog is looser than a typical American dress shirt. The Barong Tagalog is not meant to be fitted to the body. Please see the picture below as reference. If the Barong Tagalog is too tight/fitted, the delicate material will rip and we are not responsible for damages that occur upon trying on your item.

*NOTE: It is important to add at least 2-3 inches of allowance to your body measurements to ensure that the item will fit based on our chart. Due to our items being made in the Philippines, sizes are based on Philippine sizes, which run smaller than Western sizes.

How to measure:

  1. Find a regular/loose fitting dress shirt in your closet that fits and a tape measure. (*It is important to measure the dress shirt itself and NOT your actual body. By measuring the dress shirt this provides measurement allowance for the Barong and proper fitting. We also do not recommend going to a seamstress or tailor, as the measurements for suits are not identical to Barong measurements.)
  2. Follow the diagram below of shirt measurements. Use these measurements and compare with our size charts to find the correct size. For custom orders, copy and paste the list below into an email or in the custom order segment on our website. 
  1. Collar =
  2. Chest =
  3. Body =
  4. Shoulder = 
  5. Sleeve Length = 
  6. Barong Length =

*Note: The standard length of the Barong should hit right at the hips.

  • Our products are manufactured in the Philippines, therefore sizing is based on Asian sizing. For US or Western sizing, we highly recommend adding 2-3 inches of allowance/size up to get proper fitting.