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Barong/Filipiniana Wash & Care Instructions

  • Due to the delicacy of the materials used to make your Barong or Filipiniana, it is highly recommended to HAND WASH your garments. Please AVOID bringing your garments to the dry cleaners in the instance that your items can possibly be damaged.
  • Usually you may be able to wear your items 1-2 times before needing to wash or clean. 

How do I wash my Barong or Filipiniana?

  • Due to the delicacy of the materials used to make your Barong or Filipiniana, it is highly recommended to HAND WASH your garments. Please AVOID bringing your garments to the dry cleaners in the instance that your items can possibly be damaged.
  • Usually you may be able to wear your items 1-2 times before needing to wash or clean. 

Hand wash instructions

  1. Fill a basin or bucket with cold/room temperature water.
  2. Dilute the water with a small amount of mild detergent.
  3. Soak your garment in the water and lift the garment up and down, out of the water to wash. 
  4. DO NOT wring or twist the garment.
  5. If you have a stain on the collar, cuff or arm holes, use a SOFT toothbrush soaked in the soap and water mixture. Gently scrub the stain or dirt to remove and continue the process until it is gone.
  6. Rinse the garment completely and remove all soap before drying.
  7. Lay the garment on a flat surface to retain as much of the original shape as possible.
  8. Once dry, you may use a steamer or iron to remove any wrinkles. Please make sure the setting on your steamer/iron is on the lowest setting possible.


CMC Boutique is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your Barong or Filipiniana once the tag is removed and under your care. Please make sure to follow our care instructions above or call us at 702-768-7995 if you feel more comfortable speaking to someone about washing guidelines.

How do I store my Barong or Filipiniana?

  • After cleaning, hang your garment and store in a cool, dry place to retain the quality. 
  • You may store your item in a garment bag to help keep the item safe and away from dust, stains, etc.

Shipping Info


  • FOR IN STOCK ITEMS: Once we receive notification of your paid order, we usually process orders within 24-48 hours. Depending on whether you opted to pay for standard or express shipping, will determine how long it takes for you to receive your order. Based on USPS shipping, standard rates will take 7-10 business days whereas express shipping can take 2-3 business days.


  • We are able to ship out anywhere in the US and Canada.


  • Shipping is based on the following circumstances: package weight, delivery location, and speed of delivery (standard or express). All shipping rates will be automatically calculated for you on the checkout screen.


  • As a customer, you are responsible for double checking that the delivery address is correct before finalizing your order. Once your order has been processed and shipped, we are not able to make any changes or correct the package delivery. We are not held responsible nor will replace your order if you have inputted the wrong address.
  • In the event that you realized the address is incorrect and we have not processed your order (orders are usually processed 1-2 days after being place) please email us immediately at and we will correct the address for you if possible.


  • Once your order has been processed and shipped by a carrier, you will receive an email containing your tracking number, reference number, and the carrier's website. 
  • Please allow at least 12-24 hours for the carrier's website to update with your tracking info.


  • CMC Boutique is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged orders in the mail. We do not have control over the carriers once the order is out of our hands. If you happen to have a lost, stolen or damaged order, please contact the carrier immediately.
  • Returns & Exchanges

    Does CMC Boutique allow returns or exchanges?

    At CMC Boutique, we want to help you avoid the hassle of returns and paying unnecessary shipping fees. We are here to provide resources to help you find the perfect fit, whether that be through direct email, phone call or step by step measuring guides. 

    Currently, we DO NOT allow returns/refunds on purchases due to the delicacy  and  However, we do allow exchanges on unworn items with the original tag within 10 DAYS of receiving your item. 

    Upon placing your order, we always make sure to do a thorough quality check of your item(s) to make sure there are no damages, rips/tears, missing buttons, stains, etc. before sending your shipment. In the off case chance that we may miss a defect and can send proof of the defect within 24 hours of receiving your item, we will happily exchange your item.


  • Please make sure to handle/open your package with care to avoid ripping, tearing or cutting the garments. We highly recommend to use caution if you open the bag with scissors or sharp objects. If you do damage the product(s), we are not responsible to replace the objects unless you would like to reorder.
  • Exchange process:

  • Email us at with your Order # and items, to notify us of your exchange. 
  • Let us know if the item is too small or too big and we will help find the correct size for you, based on your initial order.
  • Customer is responsible for paying shipping fees when requesting an item exchange.
  • Once we have received the item you are exchanging, we will notify you of the shipping costs to send the replacement. When we receive the payment to cover shipping, we will mail your replacement items immediately and send tracking information.
  • Custom Orders

    Don't see your size in stock? Looking to get a custom fit? Ordering in bulk for a wedding, party or event? You have come to the right page! Please copy and paste the following form into an email and send to us at Our team will review your email and contact you with further information. 

    Custom Orders:

    • What is your event?
    • What items do you need? (Barong, Filipiniana, children's, etc. If you are ordering multiple styles please let us know everything you need.)
    • Quantity needed
    • Sizes/Measurements (please use our measuring guide to help you)
    • Custom changes: color, collar style, full button/half button down, short or long sleeve, etc.

    Please provide as much details as possible, so that we can help you out! If you can send links or pictures of our products that will help as well.

    NOTE: Custom order processing takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks to manufacture the design and sizes to your requests. Due to this lengthy process, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you place all your custom orders as far ahead from your event date as possible. In the case that a size does not fit or there are any mistakes, we will have time to fix this.

    Once your order is shipped to our location in Las Vegas, we will double check to make sure everything is correct and will then ship out your order to you. Tracking number and information will be emailed to you.

    More questions? Contact us

    Have an inquiry about our products? Looking to make a custom order? Email us at and we will respond to you within 24 hours. For quicker response, please leave a contact number for us to call you at.